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Black over Grey Springfield 1911-A1


Springfield Armory Model #PW9108LP Serial #WW121552 (California compliant)
Kart match barrel, shortened for flush fit. Match crowned.
Wilson barrel link.
Full reliability tune.
EGW match bushing
Golfballed recoil spring plug.
2 Wolff recoil springs.
Rogers' Tier One rear sight
Rogers' Whiteball front sight.
Ball cuts.
French cuts.
Lower, forward cut and flare ejection port.
Custom machined ejector.
Bar stock oversized firing pin stop with reduced cam radius.
2 Wilson tuned extractors.
Wilson hammer.
Wilson match sear.
Colt disconnector.
Greider medium length trigger. Internally lightened.
Wolff sear spring.
Trigger job. 3 3/4lbs.
Brown's hardcore slide stop. Scoop cut top, golfballed bottom.
Shorten and radius slide stop pin. Chamfer frame hole.
Brown's thumb safety. Custom contoured and golfballed.
Bar stock plunger tube housing.
Harden and polish thumb safety and slide stop plungers.
S&A grip safety. High cut grip modification.
Golfball pad of grip safety.
High cut and golfball frontstrap.
Wilson extended magazine release. Shortened, angled and golfballed.
Brown's mainspring housing. Golfballed.
Beveled magazine well. 15 degrees.
Carry bevel package. Moderate.
Davidson G10 grips. Carry beveled.
Hex head grip screws.
Manganese Phosphate and  two-tone Cerakote with Graphite Black over Sniper Grey.
2 CMC 8 round magazines. Finished in Sniper Grey.