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Customized Colt/Wiley Clapp Lightweight Commander.




Rogers' Bobnose. Match crowned barrel. Match bushing.
Rogers' Whiteball front sight.
Rogers' Tier One rear sight.
High cut and checkered frontstrap. 25lpi.
Checkered mainspring housing. Round butt.
Modify ejection port.
Custom fabricated ejector.
EGW oversized firing pin stop. Small radius.
2 Wilson extractors. Fitted and tuned.
Stainless steel feed ramp insert.
EGW bar stock extended magazine release. Checkered.
Greider trigger. Internally lightened.
Trigger job. 4 lbs.
Bar stock plunger tube.
EGW bar stock thumb safety. Custom contoured.
EGW bar stock grip safety.
15 degree magazine well bevel.
Shorten and radius slide stop pin. Chamfer frame hole.
Carry bevel package.
Hogue grips.
2 8rd. CMC Powermags.
Kramer horsehide holster.
Black Graphite Cerakote over manganese phosphate(steel components).