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Rail Gun









Kimber 45acp #K205591: 
Rogers’ Bobnose package. Includes match bushing, flush cut and
      crown barrel, custom recoil spring plug, modify slide.
Wilson barrel link.
Wilson recoil spring guide rod. Non-extended.
EGW slide stop. Scoop cut top. Serrate bottom.
Flush cut and radius slide stop shaft. Chamfer frame hole.
Shorten rail and dustcover to standard Government length.
Remove factory lettering from both sides of slide.
Flatten and serrate top of slide. Double arrowhead pattern.
Re-machine front and rear cocking serrations.
Ball cuts.
‘French’ borders.
Machine 8 ‘Fuller’ grooves in sides of slide.
Rogers’ Whiteball front sight. Full width blended base.
Rogers’ Tier One rear sight. .140" ‘U’ notch.
Re-machine ejection port. Lower. Flare. Relieve front for ejection of
      loaded rounds.
Re-machine ejector slot in slide.
Fabricate custom ejector.
2 Wilson extractors. Fitted. Tuned.
EGW oversized firing pin stop. Small cam radius.
Re-machine slide stop cut in slide.
Colt hammer. Custom contoured. Lightened. Serrated pad.
Colt disconnector.
Wilson match sear.
Rogers’ semi-flat trigger. Medium length. Serrated face.
Trigger job. 3 3/4 lbs.
EGW thumb safety. Custom contoured.
Harrison plunger tube.
EGW grip safety. Custom contoured. ‘Ankyl’ texture pad.
Wilson ‘Bulletproof’ magazine release. Angled. Serrated.
High cut and ‘Ankyl’ texture frontstrap.
Chen Gen 1 magazine well. Shorten to .250".
Round-butt at heel of frame/mainspring housing.
Recessed lanyard attachment point.
‘Ankyl’ texture mainspring housing with wrap around onto frame.
Carry bevel package. Moderate.
Derwood ‘Riot’ pattern G10 grips. Double diamond.
Hex head grip screws.
Wolff springs throughout.
Custom grey Cerakote over manganese phosphate.
Gemtech TRL lanyard.
Inforce APL light. 400 lumen.
Two matching 8rd. CMC magazines.
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